About Us

Ugly Duck Clothing is based in Bishop Auckland, North East of England that specialises in customising garments for many different types of businesses, companies and organisations worldwide.

Having customised garments can be the ideal way to promote and advertise your business, company or organisation. Whether this is having t-shirts and polo shirts printed to advertise your company or having your company logo embroidered on business and work wear to give your staff uniform a professional look, even down to clubs and organisations having their team designs on their outfits to unite them as they practice and perform, having customised garments can work for you.

We can supply t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, work wear, sports and leisure clothing, jackets and even bags & caps. You choose the garment, the design and the way the design is applied to your clothing and Ugly Duck will assist and support at each stage to ensure the best design for you.

Ugly Duck Clothing also designs, customises and manufactures athletic tracksuits typically for gymnastic, dance and theatre clubs. These tracksuits give clubs a chance to stand out from the crowd both at the gym, competitions and when your out and about. Our designer will create and customise the tracksuit pattern to your specific colours, logos and ideas. Mock-ups are created to ensure we have the correct design for you. We are currently supplying South Durham Gymnastics, Gateshead Gymnastics, Redcar Gymnastic and many more clubs.