Boost Sales Using Social Media

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?
Social media has become essential in the success of a small business – it helps to boost brand awareness, as well as improving sales figures. Social media is one of the main ways customers communicate with a brand or business, so it really should be embraced, to take your brand recognition to the next level.

In the beginning you need to treat social media like an addiction. With each new post, be it on Facebook or Twitter etc., you are improving your chances of connecting with a potential customer. If that customer shares your content with their followers, that is potentially hundreds more customers reached. Social media really is a powerful marketing tool.

What Should You Post?
It is really important to very your content – use pictures, text, graphics and photographs, as well as sharing interesting articles and blogs, so you are giving your followers something new everyday. Don’t be afraid to connect with other small businesses and share their content too, they are likely to reciprocate, and a new business connection has been made.

Don’t stick to simple promotional content – it is also important to posts that are shareable, such as educational, motivational, inspirational, funny and current. These are the kinds of posts that are most likely to be shared by followers, hopefully gaining you some new followers in the process. Once your following has increased, then you can start posting more promotional material and offers.

Promotional Content Sure to be Popular
There is certain types of promotional material that always prove to be popular on social media, as they offer something beneficial to your customer as opposed to purely promoting your business.

      •  Competitions – Not only is a competition a great way to create awareness of your brand, it is also a great way of gaining new followers, by making it a condition of entry. Drive new visitors to your website, by asking them to pick the item that they would like to win from your product range. To increase the reach of the competition, make it a stipulation that each entrant must share the competition with their followers, for their entry to be valid.

                          An Ugly Duck competition that ran on Instagram that encouraged follows and shares.

          • Discount Codes and Offers – Give potential customers and added incentive to follow you, by offering exclusive discount codes only redeemable by your followers. Everyone loves a good deal, so never forget the power of a bargain.
          • Something For Free – Customers love getting something for free, it makes them feel like they are getting more for their money. Free shipping is always popular, as no one wants to pay for shipping costs, especially if they are making a big order. In addition, getting a free gift with a purchase or for first time customers, even if it just for a limited time only, may help boost sales.

                    One of the Ugly Duck deals that gives an extra incentive to the customer.

      • Flash Sales – Create a real sense of urgency with a flash sale that offers products at discount prices for a limited time only. Build up anticipation by promoting the sale in advance and to get your customers excited by it.

Utilise AnalyticsFind out what kind of thing you should post more of, by using analytics programs to find out which posts drive the most traffic and receive the most engagement. If something works, keep doing it and keep analysing to see what works and what doesn’t.

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